Frequently asked questions

Does WIA only sell electric yachts?

Yes, the WIA product portfolio contains only electric yachts.

How long does a single battery charge last?

This depends on many factors, but the choice of speeds and the type of engines used are the two most influential variables. Every model has an optimal travelling speed – at which tempo the boat uses very little energy and is able to run all day. Approximately for 7-12 hours.

How fast are WIA boats?

It depends on the engine power and the number of batteries. The optimal travel speed range is between 7-12 km/h. At these speeds WIA boats are considerably more stable on the water due to their unique design than their internal-combustion engine powered counterparts.

How quiet are these motors?

Today's latest electric motors are exceptionally quiet. Our new innovative underwater engines are almost undetectable to the human ear, so nothing will disturb the peace during your time spent on the open water.

What’s the service life of the rechargeable batteries?

It depends on their use. In optimal conditions and servicing it can be 5-7 years.

Where are the rechargeable batteries located?

In the bowels of the ship. There’s a specially shaped place for them so they won’t take anything away from the valued stowage space. Because their weight is located in the middle of the ship, stability is also much higher.

How close can I get to the shore?

The risk of running the boats aground is very low so reaching the shore is no problem at all.

How long is the warranty period?

Every WIA product comes with a 2 year warranty. The rechargeable batteries come with a 1 year warranty.

What’s the dive of the boats?

Between 0.5 - 0.8 meters which is very favorable.

Which type of boat is the best choice for use on Lake Balaton?

All models were designed with Lake Balaton and similarly sized lakes in mind. Each and every WIA boat is perfect for the “Hungarian Sea”.

Why are WIA models superior to hover boats fitted with electric engines?

WIA boats were designed to work more efficiently with relatively low engine performance. They are actually floating hulls which are designed differently to those developed for high speed. Their stability, maneuverability and underwater resistance is optimized for the electric drive system. Boats with hover bodies have one primary function: to be able to move with high speed.

For what purposes can WIA utility boats be used?

As these boats have great strength and the capacity to move tons of cargo, they are perfect for transporting large groups of people. They can also be used effectively for fishing, disaster management, construction projects, exploring or as police boats just to name a few options.

Is it possible to buy the boats second hand?

Yes. Click on the link to see the ads.

Is it possible to order a WIA boat with internal-combustion engine?

Some of our models can be fitted with a hybrid engine system – where a diesel motor is placed next to the electric engine.