WIA 345

Timeless elegance and modern technology. One of our best selling models with a classic design, featuring an engine and levels of equipment that are anything but retro…

This boat is one of our most popular models. It provides an ambience of luxury for both skipper and passengers. The interior sleeps 4 persons and groups of 12 can cruise comfortably. With an on-board shower and WC the boat is capable of meeting a high standard of needs. Its spacious interior and exceptionally large deck equipped with a wine cooler, refrigerator and a cooking hob are suitable for hosting receptions.

Commercial Boats, WIA 330 Professional

In addition to our recreational boat range we are introducing commercial models to support businesses in varying ways with the implementation of their large-scale plans…

In addition to being efficient, WIA's electric powered commercial boats will serve your business needs in an economical and environmentally friendly way. Due to their unique configuration they are suitable for many businesses. Safe operation is ensured by the continuously developed advanced technological solutions. Constant development and innovation make WIA's commercial models uncompromising work tools.

2015 Green Ribbon Regatta

Victory at the 2015 Green Ribbon Regatta Race! From among 35 entrants, after 10 completed checkpoints our winning vessel Freya triumphed in Europe's biggest skill and orientation based race...

Organized for the 4th time the Green Ribbon Regatta is an orienteering race for electric boats held in the eastern basin of lake Balaton in the area bounded by the waters of Balatonkenese, Siófok and Balatonfüred. Competitors could gather points by touching the 10 waypoints positioned around the course. 8 of the 10 waypoints were standing checkpoints on the water and the remaining 2 were Bahart marina's charging station built for electric vessels and Silver Marina's wall in Balatonfüred. Finding and touching the sailboats serving as checkpoints was worth 2 points for the contestants while the land based waypoints were worth 3 points in Siófok's and 4 in Balatonfüred's case. Participants were not required to touch every waypoint. Scoring was evaluated according to classic star rally rules where the awarded points for each of the reached waypoints is added together.In case of equal scores contestants were ranked based on the period of time spent on the water.To be able to find the waypoints competitors received printed or electronic maps from the event organizers with all points marked. Furthermore contestants were free to use any and all tools or devices at their disposal. Competitors were offered the opportunity to make use of the electric charging stations is Siófok. Of course the time spent there reduced their available travel time. From among 35 entrants our winning vessel Freya triumphed in Europe's biggest skill and orientation based race. Congratulations once again!