BFYC Commerce and Education Centre

The education center was established with the aim of training real skippers. Those with a true passion for the boating way of life and a respect for the waters, the wind and for each other. We provide reliable knowledge not only for the acquirement of boating licenses but also for the experiencing of the joys and responsibilities of boating.

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Balatonfői Yacht Club - Balatonkenese

Marina, Hotel, Restaurant, Shipbuilding - Boating, Friends, Moods, Dreams.The former can be factually listed and grasped, the latter we create together with You! Welcome!

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BFYC Hotel

Are you longing for diverse relaxation, experiences of a lifetime, beachfront romance or watersports? Are you looking to travel with your sweetheart or your friends or are you looking for a unique venue for a business event?

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