WIA products have been on the market of electric boats for over 10 years. Our models were developed with the aid of our customers’ feedback, technical innovations and the experiences gained through the fabrication process. That’s how we became European market leaders in the field.

Comfort and reliability are our tradition.


The manufacturing process was developed in cooperation with WIA Electroboote GmbH, so world renowned Swiss quality is standard.


We design every last piece of our boats in-house at our state-of-the-art factory so the final product is much like a symphony where all the small components work together in perfect harmony. Throughout the process we implement all the know-how distilled from our user’s feedback and in turn we create boats that are tuned for individual needs.


All our boats function perfectly on any large lake and share the following qualities: comfort, elegance, reasonable price and the ability to satisfy the owner’s needs. All this in an environmentally friendly manner because saving nature is our main mission. So everyone can enjoy the pleasures of nature in perfect harmony.

Széchenyi terv